Advisory Committee

For techniques and general issues, please direct feedback, comments, and concerns to YCR Staff:

Xinran Liu, (Interim Director, YCR)
Jianfeng Lin, (Associate Director, YCR)
Shenping Wu, (Research Scientist, West Campus site)
Marc Llaguno, (Cryo EM Manager, SHM site)

If you have additional concerns or inquiries about CryoEM at Yale, please direct them to Ben Myers, (Director of Research Cores). 

In addition, the YCR Advisory Committee members are listed below for your reference:

Frederick Sigworth, (Chair of the YCR Advisory Committee; Professor, Cellular & Molecular Physiology)
Michael Crair, (Vice Provost for Research)
Lisa D’Angelo, (Associate Vice Provost for Research)
Anthony Koleske, (Professor, MB&B, Deputy Dean, YSM)
Jun Liu, (Associate Professor, Microbial Pathogenesis)
Anna Marie Pyle, (Professor, MCDB)
Karin Reinisch, (Professor, Cell Biology and MB&B)
Yong Xiong, (Professor, MB&B)