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Effective July 1, 2020, the CryoEM resources at Yale are combined into a single functional unit as the Yale CryoEM Resource. This includes instruments currently housed across all three campuses including the Titan Krios on West Campus, the Tecnai T12 and Glacios at YSM and the Talos and Glacios instruments on Science Hill.

We welcome external customers. Rates at https://cryoem.yale.edu/policies-and-rates

Yale CryoEM Resource facilities support SPA, CryoET,  and MicroED:
Science Hill location (formerly Science Hill CryoEM facility): Thermo Scientific Talos L120C at Bass Center, Rm 231 (266 Whitney Ave), Thermo Scientific Glacios at Yale Science Building, Rm C133 (260 Whitney Ave)
YSM location (formerly part of CCMI): FEI Tecnai T12 and Thermo Scientific Glacios at Sterling Hall of Medicine IE 16/26 (333 Cedar Street)
West Campus Location: FEI Titan Krios G2 at West Campus Advanced Biosciences Center
Both new and existing users of these resources will need to set up an account in the FOM system to apply for training and make reservations on equipment in the consolidated facility:
Get an active Workday COA (Charter of Account) number from your advisor.
Check to make sure your computer/smartphone is on Yale local network or Yale VPN.
Click Yale FOM (Facility Online Management) to open Yale FOM page and login using your NetID and password.
Follow instructions to set up your personal FOM account. Let us know if your PI is not in our supervisor list.
Follow the requested format to fill COA number in the account setup page.
Fill and submit the biosafety form to activate “Add this account” button.
Go to “User Home” page, click the small square button next to “Yale CryoEM Facility” and select the instrument which you would like to access.
In the popup “New User Application Form”  choose “Internal” user and hit “Apply” button. The Core manager will be informed by email and you will be contacted for training arrangements.


  • maintenance

    West campus Cryo-EM Core status

    Current status:   Operational. Slow recovery of AL docker temperature. Phase plate broken, to be replaced later.  Scheduled maintenance: None. Planned maintenance: Phase plate.  Other works that may interrupt the operation in the future: Smoke detector service. Past services
  • Yale CryoEM resources welcome external customers

    September 12, 2022
    Supported applications: SPA, CryoET, MicroED Equipment: Glacios, Krios, Chameleon blotless robot plunger and more. Rates at https://cryoem.yale.edu/policies-and-rates