Policies and Rates

The instruments in the Yale CryoEM Resource (YCR) are housed at three sites: West Campus, Sterling Hall of Medicine (SHM), and Science Hill. They represent a substantial investment and resource for the Yale research community. To ensure that these resources are available to all interested investigators and are performing at their optimum level with a minimum of down-time, the Yale CryoEM Resource staff and Faculty Advisory Committee have established the YCR Policies and will periodically review and update the polices.

Please find the Yale system-wide policies below. 

Yale credentials are required to open the documents below.


Information about the rate for internal users is available in the Access Policy and rate document. 

  • External user fees
Instrument, Service, or Consumables  Location  External Academic  External For-Profit 
Talos L120C YSB $115/hr $240/hr
Vitrobot YSB, SHM, WC $135/hr $160/hr
Carbon Coating SHM, YSB $145/hr $160/hr
Negative staining EM training SHM, YSB $1820 flat fee $3000 flat fee
Staff Support or Training SHM, YSB $125/hr $160/hr
Auto-grid ring and C-clip YSB, SHM, WC $28/set $33/set
Autogrid box YSB, SHM, WC $20/each $25/each

SHM (Sterling Hall of Medicine, a.k.a. YSM CCMI), YSB (Yale Science Building), WC (West Campus). 

Please contact staff at individual locations to arrange the experiment.