Policies and Rates

The instruments in the Yale CryoEM Resource (YCR) are housed at three sites: West Campus, Sterling Hall of Medicine (SHM), and Science Hill. They represent a substantial investment and resource for the Yale research community. To ensure that these resources are available to all interested investigators and are performing at their optimum level with a minimum of down-time, the Yale CryoEM Resource staff and Faculty Advisory Committee have established the YCR Policies and will periodically review and update the polices.

Acknowledgement of the Yale CryoEM Resource in publicationsconsiderable and continued funding is essential for the YCR to provide high end support to the researchers with subsidized fees. In order to maintain this level of support it is critical that the YCR and its funding are acknowledged in publications. Therefore, publications that result from using the Yale CryoEM Resource are required to acknowledge the YCR and the grants, e.g., by adding a text similar to the following to their Acknowledgements: (1) “Cryo-EM data were collected at the Yale CryoEM Resource that is funded in part by the NIH grant S10OD023603.” if the YSB Glacios is used; (2) “Cryo-EM data were collected at the Yale CryoEM Resource.” for the use of all instruments other than YSB Glacios.

Please find the Yale organization-wide policies below. 

Yale credentials are required to open the documents below.


Rates for internal users are available in the Access Policy and rate document. 

  • External user fees
Instrument, Service, or Consumables Location External Academic External For-Profit
Talos L120C YSB $121/hr $252/hr
T12 SHM $121/hr $252/hr
Glacios YSB, SHM $158/hr or $1891/day $315/hr or $3782/day
Krios G2§ WC $3047/day $6093/day
Vitrobot YSB, SHM, WC $142/hr $168/hr
Chameleon SHM $200/hr $336/hr
Plasma Cleaner YSB, SHM $158/hr $210/hr
Carbon Coating YSB, SHM $152/hr $168/hr
Negative staining EM training§ YSB, SHM $1912 flat fee $3152 flat fee
Staff Support or Training YSB, SHM, WC $134/hr $168/hr
Auto-grid ring and C-clip YSB, SHM, WC $30/set $35/set
Autogrid box YSB, SHM, WC $21/each $27/each
Chameleon grid SHM $32/each $38/each

§ Staff support included. No extra staff fee.

Location code: SHM (Sterling Hall of Medicine, a.k.a. Yale School of Medicine CCMI, at 333 Cedar Street), YSB (Yale Science Building at 260 Whitney Ave), WC (840 West Campus DR. in West Haven). 

Interested customers may contact staff at individual locations  for technical consultation. We’ll forward you to the administrative staff for formal contract negotiation. The general process of becoming an external user is as follows: