User guidelines

The West campus Cryo-EM core (Titan Krios), the Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CCMI) at Yale School of Medicine (Tecnai T12 and Glacios, has a training program for beginners), and the Science Hill/YSB EM lab (Talos L120C and Glacios) are integrative components of the Cryo-EM program at Yale University. A range of instruments is available to users to support research at different stages of their projects. Preliminary evaluation is performed utilizing the T12 using negative staining EM. Cryo-EM sample optimization and data collection may be performed at Glacios equipped with a K2 direct detector. The Talos L120C microscope can be used for both negative staining EM and Cryo-EM sample optimization. The Titan Krios should be primarily used for large-scale data collection on optimized samples.

The typical workflow for single particle projects.


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The price of the consumables is subject to change. Currently, it is $18 per grid.

Computational needs are supported by Center for Research Computing. Please follow their guidelines and instructions.