Yale TEM equipment

Yale Cryo-EM resource

FEI Titan Krios G2 300kV Transmission Electron Microscope

Specification highlights:

  • High-brightness X-FEG gun
  • ConstantPower lens
  • Three condenser lens system for parallel sample illumination
  • Robotic Autoloader handles and stores up to 12 EM grids
  • Volta phase plate
  • GIF Quantum LS Imaging Filter Model 967
  • Pre-GIF CETA indirect detection CMOS camera
  • Pre-GIF Falcon 3EC direct detection camera
  • Post-GIF K2 summit direct detection camera
  • EPU: Automated Data Acquisition Software for Single Particle Analysis, including K2 embedding
  • TEM Tomography Data Acquisition Software, including K2 embedding
  • Inspect3D
  • Amira for FEI
  • Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) 3.22

Third-party software:

  • SerialEM, for K2 only

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Instruments for sample preparation

  • PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge Cleaning System
    Optimized for cleaning TEM grids
  • FEI Vitrobot™ Mark IV

YSM Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging

ScienceHill EM lab

Yale Institute for Nanoscience & Quantum Engineering

JEOL TEM at West campus

JEOL JEM 1400-plus 120 kV (kept at 80kV); LaB6 filament; bottom-mount AMT XR611 camera. Located at ISTC 006F.  Potential users should contact Chenxiang Lin (chenxiang.lin@yale.edu).