Setup FOM account

Yale researchers please follow the steps below for Yale FOM account setup and instrument application. For Krios, the staff will book the instrument on behalf of the user, but the user must be registered in the system. A specific combination of one or multiple COA accounts (aka. charging instructions) is linked to a specific project. If the user chooses to switch COAs, he must first add those new COAs to his account and project in FOM system. In other words, the user needs to provide the charging instruction twice in the process, first in the Access request form, second in the FOM system. The latter may be skipped if the project and its corresponding charging instruction already exist. This will allow the staff to select the appropriate charging instructions for the corresponding project in FOM when preparing billing reports. 

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  1. Get an active Workday COA (Charter of Accounts) number from your advisor.
  2. Check to make sure your computer/smartphone is on Yale local network or Yale VPN.
  3. Click Yale FOM (Facility Online Managementto open Yale FOM page and logon using your NetID and password.
  4. Follow instructions to set up your personal FOM account. Let us know if your PI is not in our supervisor list.
  5. Follow the requested format to fill COA number in the account setup page.
  6. Fill and submit the biosafety form to activate “Add this account” button.
  7. Existing FOM users can also click “My Accounts” in your FOM account to add a new account. An updated biosafety form is required for each new COA account.
  8. Go to “User Home” page, click the small square button next to “Yale cryo-em facility” below “Available Equipment” to open the dropdown instrument.
  9. Find the WC Titan Krios and activate it. It should show up in the Authorized equipments on the left side.