Guidelines for in-person training during COVID

Dear Yale CryoEM Community,

I am happy to announce that we have obtained approval from Yale EHS to reactivate the training and user assistance at close proximity effectively from June 1, 2021. This change of operation applies to all three locations of Yale CryoEM resource across campus. Please contact facility staff to schedule the session or should you have any questions.

Please keep in mind that all standard COVID precautions must be followed during the training/assistance sessions. The following are additional requirements based on the state and Yale guidelines:

•            The duration of each session is limited up to two hours.

•            Groups in proximity may not exceed three persons. However, the number of individuals involved in proximity work shall be minimized as much as possible.

•            In a laboratory room, only one group may perform proximity training at a time.

•            ASTM-rated or KN95 masks must be worn as a face covering. ASTM-rated masks are available via the Yale COVID stock room in SciQuest. KN95 masks are available via YPPS.

•            A face shield must be added over the face covering. These are available via the Yale COVID stock room in SciQuest. Goggles should be used instead of face shields when handling corrosive liquids.

•            When the work allows, people shall position themselves to increase distance between each other as much as possible.

•            After the session is complete:

1) Remove and disinfect the face shield. Face shields can be reused if undamaged after disinfection using >70% Ethanol, 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, or Oxivir disinfecting wipes.

2) Clean hands using hand sanitizer and/or soap and water for 20 seconds.

3) Remove and discard the ASTM-rated or KN95 mask and replace with a surgical mask or cloth face covering, as appropriate.

•            A record of this proximity work and the individuals involved shall be maintained by the facility to facilitate possible future contact tracing.

More information on EHS guidelines can be found at:

If you have need for in-person training/assistance, please contact the following staff members:

Jianfeng Lin – Science Hill

Marc Llaguno – Medical School

Shenping Wu – West campus.

 On behalf of those who work at YCR, we appreciate your patience and help during the COVID pandemic, we are excited to be able to work with you at full capacity going forward.

Xinran Liu

Interim director of Yale CryoEM Resource