Phase 1 instructions

UPDATE: Please follow the same instruction for Phase 1 in Phase 2 and 3. 

The facility transitions into phase 1 on June 4. First of all,  this guide applies to all people who will be present on Yale’s campus during Phase 1. Please also follow the west campus specific updates here .

Additional guidelines:

1) Users that need to work in the prep room should wear their personal lab coat. Their supervisors shall supply them with masks to be used in the facility.

2) Users that need assistance to enter the building can call the lab phone.

3) No unannounced in-person visits are allowed (feel free to call the lab phone if you want to discuss something with the staff). Anyone that plans to visit the lab, either because he has a scheduled experiment or for other purpose, needs to communicate with the staff first. A maxium of two people (one staff member and one user) are allowed in the control room. 

4) All occupants need to sign in to a google calendar that is set up to keep track of visitors. The staff will do that on behalf of the users during weekdays, but users need to do it themselves on weekends/holidays. Instructions will be given to individuals upon their visits. 

5) The doors to the EM suite shall be kept closed.