Known glitches

1. EF-CCD does not show up in the camera panel of Titan UI.

what to do: close/disconnect the programs in reverse order of start-up and try again, i.e. close TIA –> disconnect remote DM –> close GMS. Select Exist without saving when asked about GIF alignment upon closing GMS. If this message window does not show up, check Task manager, find DigitalMicrograph process and force-end it.

2. K2 fails to insert after annealing.

what to do: report to staff. Autherized users may perform the fix involving hardware reboot.

3. TEM server crashes as “BrickBox application process ‘Tem’ ended unexpectedly”. Such crashes usually cause High Tension to turn off and Autoloader to become uninitialized.

what to do: report to staff.